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Oral Health Challenges in an Aging Population

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Elderly couple smiling and brushing their teeth in the bathroom mirrorThere is an increasing need to treat the oral health issues that disproportionately affect the elderly as the world population ages. Good dental hygiene is crucial for the health of all, but it has added significance as we age.

Ectheodontia and Missing Teeth

Several things can wear down teeth over time, including untreated decay, gum disease, and wear and strain. The inability to chew food, talk clearly, and maintain a healthy diet can all be significantly affected by edentulism, the total absence of teeth.

Dental Disease

The elderly often suffer in their mouths due to gum disease. Compared with periodontitis, a severe gum and bone infection, gingivitis is just a mild inflammation of the gum tissues. However, gum disease is common in as much as 75% of the population over age 65.

Sore Gums

Reduced saliva production, commonly known as dry mouth, affects a large percentage of the elderly population. It may occur due to taking particular medications, having specific health issues, or just becoming older.

Mouth Cancer

The key to successful therapy for oral cancer is early discovery, and the likelihood of developing the disease increases with age. Potential locations of oral cancer include the oral cavity, throat, cheeks, and tongue.

Dental Caries and Sensitivity

The enamel on your teeth might wear down and reveal the vulnerable dentin underneath as time goes on. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is another practice that can worsen the status of the teeth.

Disabilities in Mental and Physical Function

It can be difficult for some older people to maintain appropriate dental hygiene due to cognitive or physical limitations. Neglecting dental care and being more susceptible to oral health issues are possible outcomes. Caregivers to the elderly must include oral hygiene in their routines.

Regular dental checkups, improvements in oral hygiene, and other lifestyle modifications help people achieve better oral health and avoid such problems. Dentists are essential in ensuring that the specific dental needs of aging patients are met.

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